Choosing the Fish

Choosing the Fish I like learning new stuff about foods. During one of the check-ups, my doctor and I started talking about which foods we need to consume, which foods we need to avoid. He advised me to eat smaller fishes, since they have less toxins in their body.

Everybody knows the phrase “Big fish eats the small fish”. Fish cannot discharge the toxins in their body. When they are feeding with other metabolisms, they absorb the toxins other metabolism has.

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Spaghetti with Grilled Vegetable

Izgara Sebzeli Spagetti

This is another easy and a healthy dish. Actually if you are vegetarian, this is one of the few options you will have during lunch meeting. You can substitute the ingredients with any vegetable you like. This propotions make 3 servings.

Spaghetti with Grilled Vegetable

I ate spaghetti with grilled vegetables first at a seminar I attended, and like it so much. Grilled vegetables spice up the spaghetti, and they transform a regular spaghetti meal to a really delicous one.

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Diet Energy Drinks

Diet Energy DrinksThere some energy drinks in stores for almost a year. I can understand the necessity of energy drinks, even though I cannot approve using them for most of the times.

Energy drinks increase the metabolism with caffeine, sugar, and some other ingredients for a short time. It is not recommended to consume them after egzersize, or drink more than one over some time period.

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