Crispy Fish Balls

Balık Topları

Surrounded by Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas, it is no surprise that fish is one of the most popular dish in Turkey, especially at regions that are close to the coasts. In the Black Sea region, people even make desserts and pickles of fishes. I am not from Black Sea region but I just could not stop after preparing one dish for the Turkish food blog event last week.

Crispy Fish Balls

The second fish recipe for the event is crispy fish balls. I came across with the recipe in the Mediterranean: food of the sun. These appetizers were easy to prepare. Including the marinade phase the total preparation time is about 45 minutes.

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Grilled Fish

Izgara Balık

The theme of Turkish food blogger event this month was fish. If you ask me, it was an excellent choice. We used to have at least one meal with fish per week.

Grilled Fish

Last couple of months, however, I just could not find time to prepare a fish meal, except opening a tuna can. Tuna is good in pastas, salads, or sandwiches. I am not complaining, but if you like fish like me, canned tuna is never enough.

So Bezen‘s choice gave me the reason to break my laziness, and cook some delicious fish dishes.

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An Ice Cream Day in Cold Stone Creamery

An Ice Cream Day in Cold Stone CreameryFinally I tried the Cold Stone Creamery! It was a popular topic in my working place for some time now. Even though I like ice cream, I just did not have the time.
One of our group mates is also an ice cream lover. She is about to return her home country, and she asked whether we knew of any special ice cream store that we can visit before she left. The final decision to visit Cold Stone Creamery was reached in only 5 minutes, and the directions were ready in the next two.

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Rice Pilaf with Tomato Paste

Salçalı Pilav

This noon I tried to cook the rice with tomato paste. I like pasta with tomato, and I was planning to make one. When everything was ready, the butter was sauteed and the tomatoe paste was added, I changed my mind and instead of pasta, I prepared pilaf. It turned out good.

Rice Pilaf with Tomato Paste

I saw many different posts for pilaf. Most of them looks interesting and mouth watering, yet I was stuck to my usual pilaf cooking method. I needed that change.

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