Baked Squash

Fırında Kabak Tatlısı

Last year, I bought a butternut squash from the farmers’ market, located in the downtown. When I got bored one day, I turned it into a welcome sign. It survived about 9 months. Last week, I realized that it started to go bad, so I had to cook it ASAP.

Baked Squash

When I was skinning it, it struck me why I started drawing pictures on it instead of cooking it. I hate skinning a squash. Everytime I skin a squash, I cut my fingers. This time it was my thumb.

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4th of July in the Downtown

4th of July in the downtown
This year I attended the “family barbecue” event in the downtown of the city I live in. It was part of the 4th of July celebration.

According to our department secretary, this barbecue event usually starts 4-5 days prior to 4th of July, and used to called as “rib burn off”.

They closed a small section of a street for the event, and the food carts were located at one side of that street.

Other than barbecue, there were also some non-meat foods.