French Fries and Yogurt Sauce with Garlic

Patates Kızartması ve Sarmısaklı Yoğurt

I like potato a lot. It does not matter whether it is baked, fried, or boiled. When I was a child, like many other children, French fries was my favorite dish.

French Fries and Yogurt Sauce with Garlic

Even though I try to avoid fried dishes due to health concerns for the last couple of years, I cannot avoid French fries most of the time. There are alternatives for frying, like this one here, however most of the times I have only ten-fifteen minutes to prepare the fries.

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The medical term for yogurt is Bacillus Bulgaris. It is very popular in Balkans and Anatolia for centuries, and became popular in Europe and America in the last couple of decades.


Majority of people eat it, because they have been told it is good for them. Not many people know that daily use of yogurt ensures regular habits, the blood is purified and skin diseases cleared in a very short time. For feverish conditions it can be given safely when no other food is allowed; it induces sleep and calms the nerves and thus has a remarkable affect on hysterical subjects.

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Preventing Onion Discomfort

Preventing Onion DiscomfortIf you like eating raw onion but cannot eat it due to the heartburn like symptoms, try soaking the onion slices in salted cold water for 15 minutes just before adding to your salad or sandwich.

This process reduces the discomfort in your stomach. It also reduces the sharp smell and the bitterness of the onion.