Fried Pastry with Syrup

Tulumba Tatlısı

You can hear the dictum “Eat sweet, speak sweet” from the elders very frequently in Turkey. So, it is no wonder why almost every Turkish gathering starts with serving candy, and does not end before serving a dessert.

Fried Pastry with Syrup

Due to the Sufi tradition, sweets and desserts had special places in the Ottoman cuisine. As the successor of the Ottomon cuisine, Turkish cuisine also has a broad variety of desserts.

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Coffee flavored granola bars

Did you ever try to add your favorite food or drink into every possible meal? I tried this with coffee, especially for the desserts and the snacks I baked.

Caribou Coffee Granola Bars

Like many other people, who live in America, coffee has an important place in my daily life. I don’t think I am addicted to caffeine, I just like the smell and the taste of the coffee. That’s why I like using it as a flavor in my cookies. I especially like using Turkish coffee in my brownies, or cookies.

When I was shopping several weeks ago, I tried a new Caribou Coffee brand granola bar with coffee flavor from a granny like lady. (The ad companies know how to work. When a person sees a granny, s/he does not think twice to taste the thing she is selling most of the time. Don’t you think so?).

Of course I bought a box of it, and you can imagine how happy I was that day. In the box there were vanilla-latte and chocolate-mocha flavor bars.

I really liked these bars, especially the chocolate-mocha flavor.