Cold Stone Creamery – Tim Hortons

I just finished my Coffee Lovers Only signature ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. It had been a while since I last ate my favorite ice cream. It was one of the tastes I missed since I moved out of the States.

When I was ordering and getting permission to shoot a video about their signature ice cream preparation (the one in my files is almost 4 years old), I was told that the Tim Hortons and Cold Stone Creamery signed a co-brand agreement, and the location in Nanaimo opened about 4 weeks ago. Later on I found out that it had been almost a year since the first seven Coldstone Creamery – Tim Hortons co-branded store opened in Canada, but it recently came to the west coast.

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I would like to thank the store supervisors and the crew for their help in taping one of the preparations. I was hungry and tired, so I shot the video and left the store before taking some more pictures asking their names.

(The mixing needs some more practice but the taste and the crunchiness was as I remembered. The upcoming video will be for Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip.)

Feta Cheese

Beyaz Peynir

Feta cheese was a must in my breakfasts and snacks before I came to the North America. In my first couple of months it was the thing I missed most. Finally I found some feta cheese in Oriental markets; however, those were usually expensive. Before leaving Turkey, I did not even think about making feta at home. It was plenty, and cheap.

Feta Cheese

The production of cheese dates back to 8000 BC to 3000 BC to the nomadic Central Asian tribes. Traditionally, an enzyme produced from the stomach of cows or goats is used for the production of cheese. Recently, the recombinant DNA technology is used to produced the enzyme, rennin. Continue reading “Feta Cheese”



I was asked to make falafel for a quite some time now. I do not like using pre-made mixtures, and even though I did not look for a recipe earlier, I was sure that it was not that hard to cook falafel at home from scratch.

I searched recipes online, then I turned to one of my cookbooks specialized on Mediterranean food.

The traditional method for cooking falafel is frying, and it does not include egg or flour, but as I mentioned in the previous entry, I decided to bake them. My main concern was having dry falafel balls. It was not the issue, at least they were not more dry than their fried counterparts. However, they fell into pieces. Hence came the addition of egg and flour.

I admit, including egg and flour make falafel taste like slightly more vegetable burgers than falafel, but I will not have the regret of eating a fried dish.

Makes 6 servings. After cooking the chickpeas, the preparation of falafel takes about 10 minutes.

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A couple of days ago, I tried to make falafel at home. After cooking the chickpeas, I decided to bake the falafel, instead of fry them. I halved the recipe, in case the baked falafel was dry and not so good. I used the leftover chickpeas to prepare hummus.


Hummus, which means chickpeas in Arabic, is a very popular spread throughout the Middle East. The full arabic name of the food is Hummus bi Tahini, means chickpeas with tahini.

Makes 6-8 servings. After cooking the chickpeas, it only takes about 5 minutes to prepare the hummus.

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