I was asked to make falafel for a quite some time now. I do not like using pre-made mixtures, and even though I did not look for a recipe earlier, I was sure that it was not that hard to cook falafel at home from scratch.

I searched recipes online, then I turned to one of my cookbooks specialized on Mediterranean food.

The traditional method for cooking falafel is frying, and it does not include egg or flour, but as I mentioned in the previous entry, I decided to bake them. My main concern was having dry falafel balls. It was not the issue, at least they were not more dry than their fried counterparts. However, they fell into pieces. Hence came the addition of egg and flour.

I admit, including egg and flour make falafel taste like slightly more vegetable burgers than falafel, but I will not have the regret of eating a fried dish.

Makes 6 servings. After cooking the chickpeas, the preparation of falafel takes about 10 minutes.

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Bulgur with Mushroom

Mantarlı Bulgur Pilavı

Bulgur is a precooked, easy to prepare, and a very nutritious food, which is one of the oldest processed food in the human history. References indicate that, the process is known by humans almost for 6,000 years. For the Babylonians, Hittites and Hebrews, bulghur has been a staple since at least 4,000 BC. Romans, Arabs and Egyptians have recorded its use as early as 1,000 BC.

Bulgur with Mushroom

Common in the more eastern Mediterranean regions, it also has a long history in the Ukrainian and Central Asian cuisines. In China it was declared one of the five sacred crops around 2800BC. (Others are rice, barley, millet and soybean.)

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French Fries and Yogurt Sauce with Garlic

Patates Kızartması ve Sarmısaklı Yoğurt

I like potato a lot. It does not matter whether it is baked, fried, or boiled. When I was a child, like many other children, French fries was my favorite dish.

French Fries and Yogurt Sauce with Garlic

Even though I try to avoid fried dishes due to health concerns for the last couple of years, I cannot avoid French fries most of the time. There are alternatives for frying, like this one here, however most of the times I have only ten-fifteen minutes to prepare the fries.

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Rice Pilaf with Tomato Paste

Salçalı Pilav

This noon I tried to cook the rice with tomato paste. I like pasta with tomato, and I was planning to make one. When everything was ready, the butter was sauteed and the tomatoe paste was added, I changed my mind and instead of pasta, I prepared pilaf. It turned out good.

Rice Pilaf with Tomato Paste

I saw many different posts for pilaf. Most of them looks interesting and mouth watering, yet I was stuck to my usual pilaf cooking method. I needed that change.

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Kashkek (Wheat Puree)


Kashkek (keşkek) is another traditional Turkish dish that is usually served in big gatherings. It is usually served with meat, like gravy. It’s texture is a little thicker than the gravy.

Keskek (Wheat Puree)

The preparation is tedious and takes some time. At least I was thinking that way, and did not even try earlier. Last month, when I was talking to my mom, she gave me this recipe. It is really easy. You cook the wheat slowly, add cold water when necessary, and do your other tasks.

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