Ingredient Substitutions

What do you do when you realize that you do not have one of the ingredients in the recipe you just started cooking? Do you make a quick visit to your local shop, or do you just abort the cooking?

Allice Henneman, an Extension Educator of University of Nebraska, Lincoln, prepared a list of substitute ingredients you can use if you realize you are short of one of the ingredients.

Here is the link (pdf, html).

Preventing Onion Discomfort

Preventing Onion DiscomfortIf you like eating raw onion but cannot eat it due to the heartburn like symptoms, try soaking the onion slices in salted cold water for 15 minutes just before adding to your salad or sandwich.

This process reduces the discomfort in your stomach. It also reduces the sharp smell and the bitterness of the onion.

Choosing the Fish

Choosing the Fish I like learning new stuff about foods. During one of the check-ups, my doctor and I started talking about which foods we need to consume, which foods we need to avoid. He advised me to eat smaller fishes, since they have less toxins in their body.

Everybody knows the phrase “Big fish eats the small fish”. Fish cannot discharge the toxins in their body. When they are feeding with other metabolisms, they absorb the toxins other metabolism has.

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